Toda - Thank You

“Toda” is pronounced basically “toh-DAH,” with the emphasis on the second syllable. This is important — if you put the stress on the first syllable (“TOH-dah”) it will make the word sound bizarre and may make it hard to understand you. It’s like pronouncing the English word “enough” as “EE-nuff” not “ee-NUFF”.

If you want to express sincere appreciation, say “Toda Raba” which means “Thank you very much”. “Raba” is pronounced “raa-BAH”.

Bevakasha - You’re Welcome

In response to “Toda”, you can say (“Bi-varr-karr-SHA”) which means “You are welcome”.

Sleh(kh)a - Excuse Me

“Sleh(kh)a” is pronounced “sli-HAH”.